We have shaken off the “Heritage” epithet and have focused on creating lifestyle furniture for you that is based on clarity, creativity, innovation, and most importantly reliability and comfort. Our belief is in self-expression through bold and confident choices. We believe that you, our Drexel customers, want to express yourselves through your unique style and desire to create interiors that are modern, sophisticated reflections of your own individuality.

A Splash of Drama

You find your life interesting, sometimes dramatic, and always engrossing. Your home reflects your confident self-expression. Bursts of color. Engaging lines. Refreshing pieces. Drexel brings you everything you need to say, “Here I am. This is my life.” And if you change your mind, Drexel changes with you. And if you don’t, our quality and comfort endure.


with flair & edge


We all experience change. It’s inevitable. As Drexel has changed, it has gotten back to its roots. Begun in 1903, the Drexel Furniture Company was a champion of Danish, Scandinavian, and Mid-Century Modern collections that appealed to a customer who desired to live a modern lifestyle. More than 100 years later, we have refocused on serving you what you want, contemporary and bold, edgy but not trendy, reflections of your confidence and desire for excellent, comfortable, and affordable furnishings.


Confident self-expression


Studio Seventeen is the first in a series of collections by Drexel that embraces the essence of designer hotels that you love and your inherent desire to create memorable and engaging moments. Characterized by an intimate atmosphere and distinctive personalized style, these hubs of comfort and inspiration help define modern living. Inspired by this concept, Drexel presents a furniture collection that embodies this lifestyle and brings it to your home.


designer spotlight


Jo Sampson’s debut design collection for Drexel brings a stylish European sensibility that perfectly complements the quality and craftsmanship for which the brand is known. Sleek and contemporary, but with a timeless feel, her new range has been scaled thoughtfully to work equally well in both large spaces and less expansive city apartments.



Each of the 62 pieces – comprising bedroom, dining room, living room, and office furniture – conveys the sense of living in an atelier-like environment surrounded by creative expression. The Collection encompasses two moods: dark wood and light wood, both of which are teamed with materials such as marble, leather, and brushed brass. Geometric designs, graphic patterns, bold pops of color, and unashamedly glamorous touches combine to provide the perfect blend of understated opulence and metropolitan sophistication.