Furniture Care

Drexel furniture makes everyone feel right at home. Each piece is crafted for a lifetime of beauty and comfort. But that doesn't mean there isn't a little work involved. The following maintenance suggestions will keep your durable furniture in top shape for all the years you own it.


Surface Care
Modern leather requires little cleaning or special care. Frequent dusting is the only real requirement. If soil accumulates, remove it using a clean, damp cloth without saturating the leather. When leather furniture requires a more thorough cleansing, spot-test your leather cleanser in the least obvious area before using it anywhere else on the furniture.

Cushion Care
Wrinkles certainly add character and a natural aged look to leather. But you can easily slow the onset of wrinkles by fluffing and turning detached cushions and pillows regularly.

Blot any liquid spills on leather with a soft white cloth before using any leather cleaner.

Sunlight and Heat
Exposure to direct sunlight harms and fades leather over time. Keep leather pieces out of contact with direct sunlight. Also, allow a couple of feet between leather furniture and any direct heat source, such as a vent or a fireplace, which can quickly dry out the material.

Household Items
Never use ink pens near leather furniture. Also, do not place printed materials on the leather as these may transfer ink onto the furniture and damage it permanently.


Surface Care
Keep upholstery beautiful and dust-free by vacuuming it weekly. That includes areas between and underneath all cushions.

Cushion Care
Keep upholstery from becoming flat or wrinkled by fluffing and turning detached cushions and pillows regularly.

Upholstery care depends greatly on the fabric you've chosen. Even water alone is capable of altering the appearance of natural fibers. Please consult with your Drexel retailer to determine proper care for your particular upholstered furniture.

Both extreme humidity and extreme dryness can be harmful to upholstered furniture. Avoid both humidifiers and vents in the vicinity of such pieces.

Sunlight and Heat
Exposure to direct sunlight can harm and fade any upholstered surface over time. Keep upholstery out of contact with direct sunlight as it can bleach and weaken fabrics. Also allow a couple of feet between upholstery and any direct heat source, such as a fireplace.


Surface Care
Regularly clean and polish your wood furniture to prevent dust buildup and maintain its finish. Always dust with the grain of the wood — never in a circular motion. Drexel recommends Guardsman products for the polishing and protection of wood furniture. Please ask your Drexel Retailer for more information on surface care.

Environmental Effects
Though Drexel wood furniture is finished and sealed, sunlight and heat, as well as humidity and liquid, can harm it and/or change its appearance. Also, fluctuating temperatures cause wood to swell and shrink, so an environment with consistent temperature is recommended. Never place anything hot onto a wooden surface as it can cause discoloration. Keep wooden furniture away from air vents, humidifiers and fireplaces, as well as direct sunlight. All can have drying and/or bleaching effects.

Use coasters or dishes under drinks, plants or anything else that contains liquid. Never let liquid or liquid-holding containers sit directly on wooden furniture surfaces, as they can leave white marks that might not come off. Some liquids can dissolve finishes and require professional repairs.

If you find that a drawer doesn't slide as easily as it should, simply rub a candle on the drawer glides (the bottom of drawer where wood contacts wood). The wax coating will ensure smooth operation.


Stone Care
Stone tops are sealed at the factory, however, even with a sealer, any spills need to be wiped up as quickly as possible

One Solution
On honed/satin finish tops, you may try a very fine steel wool found in the paint section of your local hardware store. If the stain did not penetrate, rub the steel wool in a circular motion over the surface of the top. Do Not use on polished tops.

Travertine, Granite, Marble

These tops are sealed at the factory, however, even with a sealer, any spills need to be wiped up as quickly as possible

Protect Surfaces
Keep them free of debris or sharp objects. Avoid contact with chemicals, particularly acid-based materials.

Clean with pH neutral products or those especially formulated for use on stone. After a period of use, apply a penetrating sealer to prevent contaminants from being absorbed into the stone. Remove stains with special absorbent poultices formulated for use on stone. Renew the surface on polished stone by buffing with special stone polish powders or creams. Do Not use polish on tops with a matte finish.


Copper Top Care
Using 0000 aught steel wool, lightly buff the copper surface. Using a clean soft, dry cloth apply a light coating of a quality brand wood floor wax. Apply the wax with the soft cloth in a circular motion over the entire surface. After the wax has been applied, use another clean dry soft cloth to buff the top surface to a smooth and streak free sheen.