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ASID Designers/New Accounts

I am an Interior Designer and would like pricing and availability on several of your pieces. Do you offer a trade discount?
We would be happy to give you the contact information for the Drexel Sales Representative in your area that would be able to discuss possible options with you. Please send us your company name and the city and state that you are located in so we may direct you to the correct representative.

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I am interested in a possible career with Drexel. Where can I view current openings?
We appreciate your interest in our company. Please view career/job openings at: http://www.heritagehome.com/Careers/Careers.aspx or send your resume to: Careers@heritagehome.com.

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Casegoods (wood)

What is the difference between a King and a California King bed?
California King beds are 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a regular King size bed.

What does veneer mean?
Veneer is a thin slice of wood used on the face of the furniture to achieve a specific 'look' for that surface.

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Discontinued Product

How can I get information about my older product?
We can try to assist you with a collection name and perhaps a production time frame if you can supply us with the item number of the piece. Most items numbers are in the format of three digits a dash and three more digits and should be located on the back or underneath your piece. For furniture older than 40 years, the item number may vary. Unfortunately we are not able to assist in identifying Upholstered items such as sofas and chairs. We also cannot offer you the current market value as we do not appraise furniture.

Why can't I find Drexel pieces on the website?
Our website only features active pieces and collections. If you cannot locate a specific piece on our website then it has been discontinued.

I would like to add pieces to my collection. How do I do that?
We would first need to determine if your collection is currently active or discontinued. If the collection is current and on our website, please see your local Drexel dealer for assistance in purchasing the pieces. Please note that the finish may vary due to the difference in production time frames. If the item has been discontinued, your Drexel dealer may be able to assist you in finding pieces that would complement your older set, either in a similar finish or painted finish. To assist the dealer, we suggest that you take a sample of your current finish with you, if that is available (i.e. drawer).

Can you tell me the value of my furniture?
There are many factors involved in assigning value to older discontinued pieces. Unfortunately since we do not have expertise in this area, we recommend you contact a local furniture appraiser or antique dealer for the current market value of older furniture of any brand.

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Can you send me fabric or finish samples? My dealer may not have a complete set.
If you would be kind enough to give us the name and location of your dealer, we would be happy to contact the Sales Representative that services your dealer so that they can assist the dealer with any questions on samples. Since we do not sell directly to the public, we are only able to send samples to our dealers.

I am looking for a specific piece of furniture and want to find a dealer that has it on display. Can you direct me to someone that has that piece?
The dealers do not always notify us of what particular pieces they have chosen to display on their showroom floor or when they make changes. We suggest using our dealer locator to contact your local dealer directly to see if your particular item is on display.

I would like my piece repaired by Drexel. Can you repair it or do you have authorized repair services in my area?
Unfortunately we do not have repair services at the factory or authorized repair services around the country. We suggest contacting your local Drexel dealer to see if they can suggest a local repair service to assist you. You can also contact the following national toll free referral services who can assist you in locating someone in your area. Furniture Medic (800-969-2071) or National Home Repair (800-332-2747).

Are your dealer's showrooms or can I buy stock directly from their warehouse?
Our dealers are generally showrooms that custom order your product directly from us. However, there are occasions when the dealer may have some pieces in stock so we suggest contacting your local dealer and inquiring about the specific piece you are looking for.

Where is the item number or fabric number located?
The item number for case good pieces is usually three digits and a dash followed by three more digits (i.e. 123-456), if the piece is less than 40 years old, and is generally located on the back or bottom of the piece. For upholstery, the item number is generally a letter followed by two to four digits, a dash and two or three more letters. This number can normally be found on the "do not remove by law" tag underneath your cushion. The fabric number may also be located on the "law tag" next to "cover" or "body".

How do I clean my fabric?
Professional Cleaning Service or Dry Cleaning is recommended. Each fabric has an industry cleaning code assigned to it to assist in determining how to clean it. Code “S” Instruct a professional cleaning service to clean these fabrics with pure solvents. Petroleum distillate-based products may be used. Caution: use of water-based or detergent-based solvent cleaner may cause excessive shrinking. Water stains may become permanent and unable to be removed with solvent cleaning agents. Code “W” Instruct a professional cleaning service to clean these fabrics with water-based cleaning agents or water-based foam to remove overall soil. Many cleaning agents are harmful to the color and the life of the fabric and testing on an inconspicuous area is recommended before overall cleaning. Cushion and pillow covers should not be removed for cleaning. Code “SW” Instruct a professional cleaning service to clean these fabrics with water-based cleaning agents, foam or pure solvents. Petroleum distillate-based products may be used. Cushion and pillow covers should not be removed for cleaning. Code “X” Clean these fabrics only by vacuuming or light brushing to prevent accumulation of dust and grime. Water-based foam or solvent-based cleaning agents of any kind may cause excessive shrinking or fading.

I have an insurance claim on my furniture and need replacement value. Can you give me that?
Please contact your local Drexel dealer to assist you with pricing of new collections that may be a replacement for your older pieces.

Can plastic or rubber damage my furniture?
Yes, plasticizer is one of any number of chemical substances used to make another material more flexible. In furniture coatings, only enough plasticizer is used to prevent cracking of the clear coat system during the normal expansion and contraction cycles the coating undergoes during temperature changes. For rubber or plastic products, much more plasticizer may be used. For example, the rubber feet on computer components contain enough plasticizer to make the foot pliable when squeezed. This prevents the foot from damaging the surface upon which it sits, since the foot is softer than the substrate. Bases for lamps, trays, and other small decorative items may also have this type of protective rubber foot or pad affixed for the same reason.

Plasticizers do not become a solid at temperatures comfortable to humans; therefore, the plasticizer in any material is essentially a liquid that is contained within the matrix of whatever material into which it is placed. The plasticizer will not “leak” out, but can be transferred from one material to another when the two materials are in direct contact. One of Nature’s laws says that any system likes to be in equilibrium, that is, that all parts of the system are the same. When the rubber foot of a computer component is placed in direct contact with the lacquered surface of a table, that contact point creates a “system”. Since there is much more plasticizer in the rubber foot than the lacquer, the system attempts to reach equilibrium by transferring plasticizer from the rubber foot to the lacquer until both contain equal amounts of plasticizer. This is what is known as plasticizer migration. Generally speaking, when the rubber part is removed from the lacquer, a soft, dark spot remains where the foot was resting. This area cannot be repaired because it is impossible to remove the excess plasticizer from the film.

There is no way to prevent plasticizer migration when two parts containing differing amounts of plasticizer are placed into direct contact, since the transfer of the plasticizer occurs due to a natural law. In order to protect a valuable piece of furniture, care must be taken to either not place any suspect part onto the furniture, or to place a barrier between the two parts. Felt pads placed on the rubber part of an accessory will protect the furniture, as will the use of a fabric such as a doily.

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Is my hardware still under warranty?
Drexel warrants hardware against defects in workmanship or materials for three years from the date of consumer delivery if delivery was on or after June 1, 2009. Please contact the dealer where you originally purchased your furniture for any hardware warranty requests and inquiries. Non-warranty requests: If your furniture is no longer under warranty, it still may be possible to assist you with hardware replacements if the furniture collection has not been discontinued. You can determine if your collection is still active and available by viewing our collections on our website. If your collection is still listed, please contact an authorized Drexel dealer in your area for inquiries on possible replacements. For a list of authorized dealers in your area, please visit the dealer locator on our website. If your collection is not listed on our website then the collection has been discontinued. Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide hardware replacements for discontinued collections. The company that made the hardware no longer produces it. For your convenience, please find a list of hardware suppliers below that may be able to assist you with suitable replacements. Hinges and Handles - 800-533-4782 18th Century Hardware (reproductions) 724-694-2708 Beaver Metal Works (hardware repairs) 336-889-2772 or www.beavermetalworks.com www.vandykes.com www.ansaldi.com www.ahturf.com

My handle broke. Can I still get a buy a replacement?
If your furniture or collection is currently featured on our website or just recently discontinued, then hardware should still be available. Please contact a Drexel dealer near you. Unfortunately we no longer have older hardware as our supplier sold its business in 2006.

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Order Information

I am getting insufficient information on my order status from my dealer. Can you give me my order status?
Since we do not sell directly to the public we can only release information to the dealer that placed the order. If you would like to give us your order details, including the dealer's name and location, order number, item numbers and the name used to place the order, we would be happy to contact the dealer to advise them of your request.

I have questions about my order. Who can I speak to?
Please contact your Drexel dealer with any questions regarding your order.

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I love my older Drexel sofa and chair but would like to replace the cushions. How do I do that?
It may be possible to purchase replacement cushion cores for your older upholstery if the cushion core pattern is still available. Generally, if the items are less than 8 years old, we can still have the cores made. Please visit your local Drexel dealer to inquire about availability and pricing.

I do not see my piece of furniture on your website. Can I still get parts for it?
Unfortunately we do not inventory any parts for discontinued collections.

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Purchasing & Pricing

Can I purchase Drexel furniture online?
At this time, our furniture can only be purchased at one of our Drexel retailers. Please locate your nearest store at http://drexel-furniture.com/Dealer-Locator/

I do not live in the United States. What is the international pricing for Drexel?
For all international purchasing and pricing questions, please e-mail the item you’re interested in, as well as your location, to: drexel.internationalsales@heritagehome.com

How is sales tax determined for my order?
Sales tax is determined by the location of the delivery.

Are prices online and in-store the same?
Our prices online reflect the price per piece in a starting-grade fabric. Prices can vary in-store depending on promotions and events.

Is the pricing the same for all US purchases?
The pricing on the site reflects continental US pricing. While we actively ship to Hawaii, prices will vary.

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Who do I contact about a possible warranty claim?
Our current warranty can be viewed at http://www.drexel-furniture.com/About-Drexel/FAQ.aspx (under Warranty on our website). Please contact the dealer that you purchased from for all issues with your furniture.

The dealer that I purchased from is no longer in business and I am within my warranty time frame. Who can I contact?
If your dealer is no longer an active DH dealer or is closed, please contact us via the website (contact us). Include the item number, where and when it was purchased and the details of the problem.

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